Student Services

Student Services

A model of inclusion providing an environment to develop each individual student through the interaction of home, school, community and Parish to pursue excellence and enjoy success.

A Comprehensive Program provided by Student Services

  • Is for all students        
  • Is a joint responsibility of the school, involving the entire staff        
  • Is specifically designed to meet students needs that have been identified by members of the school  community        
  • Is coordinated by a members of Student Services who also provide direct and indirect services to students, staff and parents        
  • Focuses on the domains of educational, personal/social and career growth and development        
  • Responds to crisis situations and provides interventions for students with serious problems    

Policy 1.6.3 Alberta Learning
School Boards should make a guidance and counselling program available to all students as an integral part of school programs and services.

Benefits of Student Services:

To Students:

  • Help students to feel confident with problem solving, decision making and goal setting
  • Learn skills makes to be more effective and successful at: Study Skills, Organizational Skills, Test Taking Strategies
  • Career awareness and exploration
  • Course planning and scheduling
  • Program modifications and accommodations
  • Help with difficult issues

To Parents:

  • Happier students who experience greater academic and social success
  • An awareness of their partnership in the childs education in planning for their future
  • Information on:
  • Scholarships and Awards, Behavioral Strategies, Career Planning
  • Assistance in dealing with problems and resolving conflict
  • Academic and psychological assessments
  • Access to Assistive Technology Services supports
  • Referral to community services and supports

To Teachers:

  • A support system
  • Increased understanding of students needs
  • Assist in program planning and implementation
  • Help addressing parent and student concerns
  • Direct classroom and instructional supports Support in times of crisis
  • Access to helpful resources    

Working Together for Student Success

School Administration - Collaborative Response Coordinator - Chaplain
Educational Assistants - Family Wellness Worker

Referrals to Student Services can be made by teachers, parents/guardians  or by  the student. If you have any questions or concerns please contact the school at 632-3934 to  set up an appointment, we would be happy to assist you.

District Emergency

EICS Schools Transition to Online Learning

EICS schools will be moving to online learning beginning Monday, May 10th. If you have specific questions, please contact the school office. Take care and stay well.