Mrs. Kelli Giebelhaus

Mrs. Kelli Giebelhaus

Hi, my name is Kelli Giebelhaus.  I am about to embark on my 12th year at St. Mary’s.  My husband, Curtis, and I are both native to the Vegreville area and continue to enjoy the opportunity to build a life together here with our family.  In having a history with the town, we know that it will be an amazing place to bring up our daughter, Rylie. 

I am very passionate and committed to Leadership here at St. Mary’s, which is why I chose to pursue my Master of Secondary Education at the University of Alberta. I was blessed to complete this endeavor in June of 2019.

This year, I am very excited to return to my role as our Collaborative Response Coordinator; this will be my 3rd year in this position.  In this role, I am committed to providing supports to both students and their families inside the school environment.  My current teaching assignment is composed of: English 30-1/-2, English 10-1/-2, Drama 7/8, and Junior High Foods.  Because I love the Grade 12s so very much, I am also Co-Grad Coordinator, sharing that responsibility with Margaret Michaelchuk; this will be our 10th year working on it together.

Outside of school, in my spare time, you may find me pedaling with all my might on a spin bike, in a barre class, on the softball field, or in a curling rink.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!