Reporting An Absence at St. Mary's Catholic School

Report Absences

If your child will be absent please contact the school directly at 780-632-3934 before 8:30 a.m., stating your child's name, grade and the expected duration of absence.  An answering machine is operational for your convenience when the school is closed. In the event that your child cannot be accounted for, the school will immediately contact you for information. 

To send an email now, please link to:   Absence Email  which is the very first on the drop down list.


Contact Form

  • Absence
  • Principal - Mr. Jim Salsbury
  • Assistant Principal - Mr. Scott Walker
  • Accounts' Clerk & Secretary Margaret Michaelchuk
  • Teacher Kelli Giebelhaus
  • Teacher Mark Kolbelsky
  • Teacher Jeremey LaRose
  • Teacher Chris Manderson
  • Teacher Chris Maynard
  • Teacher Luke Miller
  • Teacher Curtis Paulichuk
  • Teacher Jacquie Stuart
  • Teacher Tiffany Tomlinson
  • Teacher Amanda Woitas
  • Teacher Amy Yaremcio
  • Education Assistant Bernie Golinowski
  • Education Assistant Joanne Kuly
  • Librarian/Secretary - Fronde Dubuc