Green Certificate

Any high school student who lives on a farm or has access to farming instruction may register in the Green Certificate Program.
Students may use some credits for options in Grade 12 and for marks for the Rutherford Scholarship.  (total of 16 credits)
Green Certificate Testing Days - T.B.D. at Lakeland College College Farm -AI Facility, Vermilion
Any high school student who is interested in the Apprenticeship Trades may take their first year apprenticeship during their high school years. Students may use some credits in place of CTS courses.  (total of 40 credits)
Any high school student who has a job or wishes to work during or after school hours may register as a work experience student.  (total of 30 credits)

RAP - Registered Apprenticeship Program

Want to earn apprenticeship hours while you are in high school?  You can also establish a relationship with an employer to continue the apprenticeship you start. See Mr. Salsbury for details.