Mrs. Kathy Bohaychuk

Kathy Bohaychuk, Family Wellness Worker

What Does a Family Wellness Worker Do?

The Elk Island Catholic Schools Family Wellness Program provides short-term supportive assistance to students and their parents/guardians. Services are provided free of charge and may take place at school and/or in home and community settings.

Each school is staffed with a Family Wellness Worker (FWW), who works under the direction of their School Principal and the Assistant Superintendent of Faith & Wellness. Family Wellness Workers are supported by a Family Wellness consultant, who provides clinical direction and case supervision.

The primary function of the Family Wellness team is to provide social and emotional support to students and families. Family Wellness Workers meet with students and parents to assess needs, set goals, identify required supports, and plan appropriate interventions. They collaborate with school system staff and community resources to build a “village” of support around students/families who are struggling. They coordinate group programming for students and educational opportunities for parents. Family Wellness Workers also play a key role in promoting positive mental health and supporting emotional regulation within their school communities. They operate from an attachment-based and trauma-informed perspective, which they strive to model in their interactions with students and staff.


Referrals to the Family Wellness Program may be made by students, parents/guardians, school administration, teachers, or other school staff (e.g. school counsellor or collaborative response coordinator). The first step is to complete the FWW Referral/Intake Form either independently or it may be completed with the FWW. Following receipt of a referral, the FWW will follow up with the parents/guardians and determine if the need(s) are best met through the mandate of the program.

FWW Duties/Responsibilities

  • Face to face sessions with parents and/or students to assess needs, provide emotional support, set client directed goals, and plan interventions
  • Research potential resources or services for clients and facilitate referrals where needed
  • Advocate where necessary for resources or services for clients, while maintaining positive working relationships with community partners
  • Offer home visits or community support
  • Attend and participate in case conferences and multi-disciplinary meetings as needed
  • Coordinate “village meetings” to share the client’s story and create a network of support at school
  • Facilitate group programs for students and/or parents
  • Consult with clinical supervisor (Family Wellness Consultant) and peers (other FWWs) on a regular basis
  • Report suspected abuse or neglect to Children’s Services
  • Provided support to school staff and parents regarding relevant mental health and wellness resources, supports in the event of a death or traumatic event
  • Make a conscious effort to connect with all students/staff, and look for opportunities to get involved in the school and surrounding community


Introducing the FWW for St. Martin’s & St. Mary’s Schools:

Mrs. Kathleen Bohaychuk

Hi everyone. I am so honored to be the Family Wellness Worker for our Vegreville school community. I work half time at both of our schools so I am able to support all our students and their families as well as our staff. When I am not in school, you can find me out on a hiking or running trail with my dogs (Labradoodles), out on the water SUPing, in the yoga studio, or on the snow with my snowshoes. I farm with my husband and we have three awesome grown children. Travelling is something I also love to do and I have visited Hawaii several times, Mexico numerous times, Belize, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Italy, and several other US states. My favorite place to be is on the gorgeous Sunshine Coast of BC, in Powell River.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if there is anything I can support you with.

St. Martin’s School (780)632-2266: Monday mornings, Wednesdays, and Fridays

St. Mary’s School (780)632-3934: Monday afternoons, Tuesdays, and Thursdays