Junior High Badminton

Jr High Badminton Dates

Sat Apr 6 - St. Mary's

Sat Apr 13 - Fultonvale

Sat Apr 27 - Fultonvale

Tue Apr 30 - Tournament

Jr High Badminton

2018 Team

Junior High Badminton

Badminton is the only racquet sport played at St.Mary's.   Interested athletes have a few category options, girls' doubles, boys' doubles, mixed doubles, girls' singles, and boys' singles. Mr. Paulichuk and Miss.Wagner guide athletes through skill training and strategy tips. Badminton players have report that their strength, speed and strategy skills improve throughout each season of play.

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EICS Schools Transition to Online Learning

EICS schools will be moving to online learning beginning Monday, May 10th. If you have specific questions, please contact the school office. Take care and stay well.