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Demographic Confirmation & Yearly Consent Forms

If you have not already done so please take a few minutes to complete your child's Demographic Confirmation and Yearly Consent Form on PowerSchool. Having the most up-to-date information about our students ensures that we receive all available funding to support your child's learning - and that we have current information to reach you during the day if necessary. The annual consent forms allow your child full participation in all activities, field trips and events for optimal learning at St. Mary's. Thank you for completing these forms if you have already done so!

These forms can be completed using the following steps:

1) Log into PowerSchool at the website

2) Click "SchoolEngage" on the left hand side

3) Click the graduation hat icon to see a list of your students

4) For each student who is returning to EICS next year please click on the student, click "New" beside the form "A.9) Demographic Confirmation/Update Form" and complete and submit the form.

Please contact Mrs. Michaelchuk in the office at 780-632-3934 if you have any questions. 

If you would like to watch a tutorial on how to update your child's Demographic Confirmation and Yearly Consent form, please click here

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