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Parent, Teacher, Student Conference

Parents and Students,
It is that time of the school year for parents, students and teachers to have the opportunity discuss students' learning, progress and achievement. The interviews are scheduled for November 6 and 8 from four to seven. As in years past, St. Mary's is using a website based interview booking system. The website will become available Monday morning at 9:00 am. The website can be accessed by clicking here or by entering the following into your web browser:
The website is user friendly, but if you require any assistance with making the booking or do not have internet access, please do not hesitate to contact the school office at 780 632-3934. 
We have a few suggestions for booking interviews, please allow some time between interviews. This will maximize the time you will have with teachers. Also, please be considerate of other scheduled interviews. If the interview is going long, please arrange with the teacher another opportunity to discuss your child. Students are extremely important to the conference process, please consider having your student attend to the interview, as they are essential to this process.


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